The Dark Knight Armor

Yves Lemay is wearking The Dark Knight Armor
The Dark Knight Armor 45 Degrees View
The Dark Knight Armor side view


Dyed, boiled and waxed leather, 925 silver wires (0.3mm, 1.2mm), 

2 925 silver ram heads and one 925 dragon seal, nickel-plated rivets, 

blackened steel and stainless steel chain mail.

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This unique full suit of armor was designed and made to be used in medieval combat re-enactment: 

all joints are fully articulated and the whole suit permits a maximum range of movement, 

while still offering maximal protection to the wearer. 

 The composition and style don’t come from one era in time or culture in particular; 

it is rather a mashup of a different time and geographical locations around Europe. 

The helmet mixes greek (face openings), roman (forehead piece) and 

german high medieval period (back part, called the lobster tail). 

The protective flanged belt could be roman, and the knees, elbows 

and pauldrons are reminiscent of the European high medieval period. 

The way the chain mail mixes with the leather parts and the horns 

on the helmet can be described as a medieval fantastic style.


I was born in a country of icy winters and warm-hearted people, and my passion for fine armors brought me to the Montréal school of jewelry in which I started practicing techniques that were meant to make it possible to design and create some of the most intricate and beautiful armors in the world. 

During an internship in the best and most respected jewelry company in Canada, Henry Birks & Sons, I got noticed by then chef d’atelier Monsieur Alain Marcel for my sure hands and raw talent. 

After being employed as a polisher by Birks, I opened my fine jewelry atelier in vibrant Shanghai, where I made hundreds of clients’ engagement and wedding jewelry among others and consulted with some of the most respected companies in the world of luxury, like Piaget. 

In 2009 I also started teaching the craft of designing and creating jewelry, taking my students to a professional level. As for today, my dream of fine armor design and creations still lives on…

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I am committed not only to design, produce and sell jewelry but also

to educate clients and jewelry enthusiasts. Feel free to consult the 

free literature on our website.

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Honed jewelry-making techniques and later consulted with famous international jewelry brands such as Piaget, Birks, etc.

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