Don`t purchase an engagement ring before watching this video in which I reveal 5 secrets for choosing the right gemstones

My name is Yves Lemay, I am a jeweler from Qu├ębec, presently residing in Bangkok, Thailand.

I am pleased to say that I`ve helped hundreds of men like you to choose their gemstones, materials, and designs for their engagement rings projects, which resulted in saving thousands of dollars and countless hours.

What are these secrets, and what will you learn while watching this video?

The video comes with pictures and examples that will provide you straightforward answers to the following essential questions such as:

- Why 0.95 carat diamond might be better than 1 carat diamond?

- How to get a diamond that looks bigger at the same carat weight?

- What is the best quality/price ratio for diamonds and colored gemstones in terms of color and clarity, and why?

- What other gemstones are an excellent alternative to diamonds in the engagement rings, and why?

And most importantly:

- How can you save money and time while looking for an engagement ring?

After watching it, you will become a well-informed buyer who is not easily fooled by false advertisements and jewelry stores' promises and claims.