Are you looking for custom-made engagement or wedding rings?

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Get it done by an actual jeweler with over 20 years of experience!


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Step 1

Get your complimentary Wedding and Engagement Rings E-book at the top bar of this website.

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Step 2

Have your ideal ring design in mind?


Send us a picture(s) of the style or type of jewel you would like us to make for you, along with metal(s) and gemstone(s) and other relevant details such as finger size etc.


Don`t worry! We will give you access to am impressive library of ring designs through which you will navigate easily by selecting types of metals, gemstones, and other key elements.

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Step 3

Schedule a video call to go over the last details for your jewelry project to kick-off.

Step 4

The object of your desire will be then handcrafted by my team and me according to your vision, supported by our expertise.

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