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Burmese Rose Ring
Vintage Style Pink Diamond Ring
Champagne Sparkles Ring
Champagne Diamond Victorian Ring
Triple shank beauty ring
Highly Detailed Natural Colored Diamond RIng
La Chartreuse Colored Diamond Ring 45 degrees view
Whirlpool Ring
Floral Diamond Ring
Helios`s diamond ring
Braided Shank Diamond Ring
Cinderella Engagement Ring
Constellation Ring 45 degrees view
Rare Trilliant Cut Intense Pink Diamond Ring 45 degrees view
Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring 45 degrees view
Fancy Intense Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Ring degrees view
Deep Blue Sea Ring 45 degrees view
Art Deco Fantasy 45 degrees view
Intense Yellow Diamond Cross
Jason`s pendant
The Queen and The Flower front view
"S" Shape Tanzanite Pendant top view
Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Dangling Heart Pendant front view
The Trinity Diamond Cross front view
Imperial jade brooch/pendant/hairpin yves lemay jewelry
Intense Yellow Diamond Cross
Uluru Bracelet front view
Lavender Jadeite bamboo earrings
Cabernet Marguerite Earrings
s sahpe dnagling earrings yves lemay jewelry
Personal 18K yellow gold stamp
women cat`s eyes cufflinks
The Queen and The Flower top view
Imperium Romanum Ring 45 degrees view
Logo and Name Stamp Rings
Automatic Watch Movement Cufflinks front view
Rare Investment Grade Vivid Green Diamond Ring
Twin Naga Ring 45 degrees view
Rare Steel Grey Diamond Ring
Rare Investment Grade Vivid Green Diamond Ring
Imperial jade brooch/pendant/hairpin yves lemay jewelry

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I was born in a country of icy winters and warm-hearted people, and my passion for fine armors brought me to the Montréal school of jewelry in which I started practicing techniques that were meant to make it possible to design and create some of the most intricate and beautiful armors in the world. 

During an internship in the best and most respected jewelry company in Canada, Henry Birks & Sons, I got noticed by then chef d’atelier Monsieur Alain Marcel for my sure hands and raw talent. 

After being employed as a polisher by Birks, I opened my fine jewelry atelier in vibrant Shanghai, where I made hundreds of clients’ engagement and wedding jewelry among others and consulted with some of the most respected companies in the world of luxury, like Piaget. 

In 2009 I also started teaching the craft of designing and creating jewelry, taking my students to a professional level. As for today, my dream of fine armor design and creations still lives on…

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I am committed not only to design, produce and sell jewelry but also

to educate clients and jewelry enthusiasts. Feel free to consult the 

free literature on our website.

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Jewelry Ring design stage
fire on a ring for jewelry making
diamond in the fingers of a jewelry master
jewelry master attaching necklace pieces together
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20+ years of experience making bespoke jewelry

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Honed jewelry-making techniques and later consulted with famous international jewelry brands such as Piaget, Birks, etc.

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Great value for your budget as I am based in Asia for more than 15 years and have direct access to gems and gemstones producers

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Individual approach to each customer